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Automatic Target Recognition (ATR)

Adding Vision to Security Imaging
With the proliferation of digital imagery in all aspects of our lives, and in particular for vital decision-making about our personal safety while traveling, the ability to extract added intelligence from the underlying image data is no longer a luxury, but a requirement.

In aviation security or the protection of our critical infrastructure - the ability to analyze, detect and identify threats from non-threats, whether in a suitcase or on a person, depends on our ability to accurately characterize materials that share similar Zeff values, densities, and color characteristics.  Within seconds a human screener makes a decision that could adversely affect the lives of many people.

At those moments - you want the target recognition capabilities of PinPoint™, the advanced threat detection software developed by our wholly owned subsidiary Guardian Technologies International (GDTI). Employing our core algorithmic technologies, PinPoint has numerous homeland security applications, including checkpoint baggage screening, body scanning, liquid explosives detection, IED detection, satellite image screening, border checkpoints and hyperspectral imaging analysis.

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